Friday, February 11, 2011

Life Drawing.

This one I think is one of my best to date. It hasn't come out brilliantly when photographing it though, I think it's the black paper. I like using the white chalk on black paper, it sort of makes you focus a lot more on the shapes and tone of the light. You can also do more with less, like at the bottom I haven't really drawn her left leg or right foot. You can just hint at it. Sure you can do it with white paper, but I think it's easier and looks better on black paper. Anyway this was about 20 -25 minutes.

These were 30 second poses, all done in sequence, the model was continuously moving but pausing every 30 seconds for 30 seconds.

These are a sequence of 40 second poses.

I'll have to re-photograph this as I did draw her feet. However I did cut her head off but I think in some ways feet are more important than the head. This was for about 25 minutes I think.

This was for half an hour.

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