Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Drawing and others

This is what I've done so far for Jacob's Inbetween:A Fable. It's my assignment for Monday. The style is the above scanned image. But I'm finding it hard to apply that style to this setting. It's my first effort in Photoshop anyway, I'm going to see what happens when I work again on it in Corel Painter 11. The sky is giving me the most trouble as Storm Clouds have been requested. The problem is sort of figuring out were the light goes as obviously the Moon massive and more or less in the foreground, whereas in the real world it would be mostly obscured by the clouds. The other problem is that if I make the clouds too big it makes the composition very very flat. I'm considering putting a cloud in front of the moon to see what that does for it although that goes against the layout. Anyway, trial and error, I keep sending it off for feedback after I've worked a bit more on it but I've got all weekend to play about with it.

Inspired by that toddler sucking on his own toes and Calvin and Hobbes and The BFG. This was done entirely by hand with watercolour and fineliner and ink. I prefer it to the previous photoshop piece. It looks more natural. I think it's impossible to re-create watercolour digitally. Because water as a medium is so unpredictable, you can't get the 'controlled accidents' and blotching without a lot of time and a lot of skill. Both of which I don't have in photoshop.

People seemed to like my powerpoint show of research and my idea so looks like I'm going in the right direction. A little bit of reading, librarying an google imaging goes a long way. I still need to go and get some more watercolour books though I think.

Some more quentin blake style character drawings.

This one hasn't come out very well because of a) I drew it very lightly and b) my amazing photography skills.

Half an hour. It looks a lot redder now. It was darker in the life drawing room.

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