Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is the character "Arky" (from Architect) based on Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd. He's about mid 20s, bit eccentric and the love interest for the Mum below.

The Mum. A little tricky to portray. I want her to have clearly aged but also make it obvious that she used to be very attractive. So I have been looking at aged super models (for example what Twiggy now looks like middle aged). I think the short hair and thinness work better than longer hair and a more, shall we say, ample frame.

Just more of what little Jez gets up to. Investigating...picking his nose. The usual.

This is 'Big' the Infant Giant who is the only actual baby in my project. (The others are just interpreted as being immature or infant-like). I should draw ones of him crawling about too. This is after he's learned to walk.

These glorious chaps are what I have based the old old Giant on. Because the Giants are essentially gardeners of the world were else do you need to look than the wonderfully bizzare and excited Phil Harding, and Tommy Walsh's big ole smile.

Pant is based on Alan Titchmarsh. I've called him Pant though because when I first drew him he looked a lot like an Elephant, and then I called him Phant but that was a bit weird so I took out the H. I don't think the Giants should be called human names. They're different and strange so they should have strange names.

So here are the last 6 ancient Giants. Clockwise they are Pant (Alan Titchmarsh), Mug (Tony Robinson, better known as Baldrick), Giles (Phil Harding), Happy Harry (Tommy Walsh), Pickles (actually based on a groundskeeper I saw working in Kimberly Park in Falmouth) and finally Fray (Charlie Dimmock).

The names are mostly what they either look like, (I.e. Mug looks a bit like a mug) or what I think they'd talk like. For example Giles to me would have a strong Somerset Cider accent (Alright my lover this is fighin' cider...etc) and for some reason the name Giles springs to mind from that. Pickles and Fray though are random and have no previous thought process though.

Happy Harry builds.
Giles Digs.
Great team.

Here's a worms eye view of what the City looks like. It's constantly growing. I'm currently doing a plan of the city based on garden design plans. The concept is A City within a Park. But the buildings are grown instead of built. And the Giants are the groundskeepers of not only the city but also the world.

This shot is of a pedestrianised zone (why the green is were the road should be). Or so I imagine. I might make it however so the trees are just down the middle in an isle. If you hadn't guessed I havent finished drawing it yet.

Based it a lot off of the linework of Bernard Buffet and the graffitiest (right word?) Blu.

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