Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inbetween: A Fable

Sometimes I just draw a line.

Sometimes I draw two lines.

This is all part of a zoom sequence which is why they're all on separate layers.

Archway. My jobs so far have varied from small and large backgrounds. Like the above scene which is on 11 layers, and this archway which is just this one drawing. I think I've managed to get enough feeling of distance in it.

This is now my 'baby'. I was just asked to create the Castle City from the animatic. With the buildings getting more crazy and spirally the higher up they are to represent the rich sectors on the top and the poor sectors at the bottom. It's nice when it's all spread out on a lightbox.
I think I've talked about this before but I don't mind because I had FUN doing it.
Kat is busy colouring it in pink though.
I don't mind.
It can be a liberally viewed city.
No it's actually because the light will be dusk.
My favourite bit is the stairs (which were requested, "put stairs in").
The ziggy zaggyness of them just seems pleasing to my eye.
I hope it all looks good and people like it too. As it is the opening shot it has to capture you so be captured! If somebody says wow then I have succeeded. Also I will blush.

I think this one is still in progress but I likes it hows it is. But these are to show you what Kat does with them with her awesome digital painting skillz.

However one potential problem highlighted by Andy is that projectors are crap.
What I mean is; computer monitors have good resolution.
Projectors have bad resolution.
TVs have all sorts of resolution.

These pictures look very dark on a projector and rubbish TVs.
But they look prefect-o on PC screens.
So the problem is getting the balance correct so that they look good everywhere.
Films have the same problem with sound.
So you have to always test your film on the worst screen with the worst speakers.
Hopefully I will remember this next year. I'm learning a lot already from watching how the 3rd years run their projects and learning from their mistakes and success's (and my own of course).
But from my viewpoint everything on this project is going swimmingly. Hurrah.

I like this one. Kat is like photoshop God...ess.

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