Monday, March 14, 2011

Work Harder.

The sun came out and the England Scotland 6 Nations game was pretty THRILLING when they weren't dropping the ball anyway (I'll wait another 2 or 3 stone before I tell them that though). That's my excuse for not doing as much work as I did yesterday.

So here's what Sunday brung.

I am going to age and colour in this map like a 6 year old. Which is harder than it sounds. I was going to buy an OS map and cut/tear bits out but I just didn't have the heart to ruin a perfectly good map. It seemed inhuman. I might have to re-think this though, because I may have drawn it too well. Too well for a 6 year old that is.

I still can't get the 3/4! I think the bottom one is best overall, but the 3/4 view has ruined his shoulders.

For some reason Giles's head looks smaller from the front. This isn't how I've drawn it, it's just physics. Your head always looks smaller from the front. Strange but true.

Imagine if Stalin had Hitler's charisma (yes the man was a dick to say the least but he was still a fantastic orator) and you will understand why people will be excited about Dolf's new industrialised Meganewsupercitytown (say it in a bad Russian accent). Basically his plan is to turn somewhere like Falmouth into somewhere like Sheffield. Although Arky has designed somewhere like Milton Keynes, Dolf just really likes factories and isn't fond of trees. How did this crazy man ever become Mayor?!
It's the late 50's! People are sick of rationing and eating salted pork and being out of work. Think about it, 15 million odd soldiers coming back from Germany they all need a job and a fridge and food to put in the fridge. So Dolf promises to builds food factories and fridge factories and you can get a job at either. Horray!

I might design his opposition if I have time. This film could have political undertones. It's Churchill versus Atlee (for those of you who don't know who Atlee is, shame on you, he was a genius, he let a Welshman invent the NHS - this may sound sarcastic but it was genius at the time)

Dolf really is turning into an amalgamation of all the world's worst political leaders.
On the other hand he may accidently be my best character in terms of design.

Oh I uploaded this backwards. Bugger. NEVERMIND, Just read up.
Also here on this last panel, where it looks like you can't see anything, you can he's just really small, Jeremy is pulling a 'Chad'.

I haven't written in the actions or dialogue (although there's only about 4 words in this sequence) but I think you can still get the story from the pictures. Hopefully you can, that was the idea.

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