Sunday, March 20, 2011

PreProduction Bible

For some reason upon uploading it to scribd it's done the research folder at the front, either that or I did my backwards version. Anyway doesn't really matter. It's all there this is everything I handed in.

From as it is I'd say its at 90% of what I was aiming for. You'll notice I haven't finished all the turnarounds. Dolf doesn't have a back view, Mug doesn't have a 3/4 view and Plant's 3/4 view doesn't have an inked in head. I didn't get around to colouring the wonky town at the start, and the concept piece with the mum and Jeremy. I'm a bit dissapointed that it's not where I wanted it (I was planning to make the story page backgrounds a little more 'designy' than the plain brown paper) but I feel it's more due to this term being incredibly busy rather than my poor time management. This may sound like an excuse but I was working 2 days a week on Inbetween a Fable, 1 day a week on Cinematography and in the last 2-3 weeks, on Literature Reviews and 1/3 with Jackson. This coupled with me being a bit over ambitious is why there are some unfinished elements. But I'm not one to quit on it so I am going to continue this project over Easter not least because I would like to see if it's possible for me to do this for my 3rd year feature project.

I'm going to work on it a bit to see if I can make it work for a 5-6 minute film. Just because it seems a waste to spend a whole term on this then not make it. I have many other ideas for my 3rd year project though so if it doesn't work it's not the end of the world.

I'm happy enough with it though. I think I got some decent characters out of it and some, or enough technical drawings to suffice. I felt like the whole project lent more towards characters though and I would like to do a lot more work with the setting and environments.
Anyways it was good, definitely enjoyed it and it was a good project. I think the word-card ideas were a great idea because it shook everybody out of their comfort zones. I think everybody had come in with an idea during summer (I know I had) and this threw everybody off and made us think and I think we got a lot better results out of it that we would have if we'd come up with the ideas ourselves.
I think this has set us all up really well for the 3rd year project because we've had a run through and researched and looked at things that we might never have even thought to look for before. So I know for me at least it's been a great project and I've learnt a lot when it comes to constructing a concept. I would never have thought of this just by walking around looking at random things.


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