Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life Drawing. 10/03/11

Just 3 poses this week. Long ones though. I quite like the longer ones now. I suppose if I'm in the mood I really like getting an accurate drawing.

We did painting again, this time with just acrylics. I'm not that fond of them but I guess that's because I've always used oils for painting painting. (as opposed to illustrating/painting where the fact that they're water based and dry quickly is advantageous) I prefer oils because of the way the blend and move on the paper/canvass. I find the colours of oils are richer and mix better.

However this may be just me. Acrylic and Oil painting require two completely different skills, I think I'm just better and more comfortable with Oils because I've used them more, so in that sense it was good to use Acrylics to get me out of my comfort zone and play about with them, which is what I was doing and why the model's tummy is blue.

I have actually drawn her feet I just couldn't fit it in frame.
But I did cut the top of her head off in my composition.

I don't know if you can tell, but I like Bernard Buffet. The models face seemed to me to lend itself to the style. Although I've made a mash of her pupils in terms of the shape.

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