Friday, March 5, 2010


After Maya crashed on me again the other night, I decided to call its mother a hoe and move on with my life. I shall suffer whatever appalling mark I get as a result. It was my own fault for not saving it often enough really.

Lately I seem to be looking at a lot of screens. I downloaded Flash CS4 for a 30 day trial and ended up staying working until 4am before I realised what time it was. I must have spent more time on the computer than breathing I reckon. I hope it's all worth it. I keep waking up and thinking oh thats crap and starting again. It's becoming a habbit, I might have broken it with this though. I don't know. We'll see tomorrow. I'm teetering on the edge of maybe scraping all my ident-pre-work and completly improvising it. Because that's usually how I work best. It worked for my backgrounds (sort of) and my essay, all the music i've written and 90% of my paintings through A Level. That's what I'm thinking. I'll do some kind of improvised painting animation. Outside. Big. Large. Colours...Or I should I stick to the plan? Because the plan seems pretty weak and every day I'm waking up and thinking it's shit, it's too simple and it's boring. That's my instinct and although my instincts are wrong with most things they're usually pretty good creativly. I don't know. I could do both and then flip a coin?

Whatever happens there is going to be graffiti somewhere in Penryn. I've warned the council (3 weeks ago) but they haven't replied. Therefore I'm allowed to do it.

Anyway, here's what my final character for the Flash Lip Sync looks like; There's more work to be done on the background and stuff, but I'm leaving that until later. The most important thing is obviously the actual lip sync.

It's going to sound a bit odd with the voice on it though, but that's what I'm going for. The thing is based on a dream/nightmare whatever you want to call it. The thing on the right is either going to be curtains, or just a thing with some red lights on it for the second voice, and be sort of like the mysterons. I kind of like that idea.

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