Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ident. pt2

it's half past four in the morning WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I've nearly finished my Ident. Tomorrow it shall be finis.

Judging by the animatic it shall be about 7 seconds long. Unfortunatly I've just seen a David Firth stop motion animation that I never knew he did, that's with busts and wierd lights. I thought it'd be quite good for an E-Sting. But it's too late to do something like that for the Ident now. It's called 'crooked rot'

Okay so this is the middle blog. It's not 4am anymore I'm rewriting this.
Anyway. I'll upload more picture later.

Bassically after having the first idea of Monster drawing door, walking through door, throwing room, drawing room etc etc. I particularly looked at Mutu by the graffiti artist Blu. I tihnk I mentioned this a few weeks ago. I asked the council if I could do some graffiti animation, they still haven't answered but I couldn't find a wall that didn't actually belong to anybody or wasn't in plain view of the whole world so I had to abandon/chicken out of doing that. It probably would've taken weeks and in the meantime other people would've drawn over it and stuff.

I then got sick of the monster idea and went for a strange nazi/gasmask wearing/staff carrying wizard bloke. Based on a character I like to call Gandalf the White meets that scary Nazi Ninja from Hellboy.
The plan was to do a sort of manga style, makes crater in the ground uses funky magic to rise it from a trembling earthquake. But there were several problems to this. I realised I couldn't really draw manga or japanese style anime very succesfully and would need a lot more practice to actually animate it. I got a convincing earthquake tremble (think I've got the video for that - i'll do that later) but as for the beams of light and magic I spent two days trying to get it right and it just wasn't working and I eventually got fed up of this stupid character and it was too much for 10 seconds so I returned to the monster thing.

And two things sprang to mind.
and smashing a guitar.

Licking was my remembering E4 and being strange idea.
Smashing a guitar was remembering to try and relate it to it being a music site.
I couldn't decided. so I decided to do both.

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