Monday, March 1, 2010

marks and such.

So here is my awful awful 3d environment so far. It's supposed to be our kitchen at night. I'll see what everyone else says about it tomorrow. Bad probably. oh well, another 4 days to work on it anyway.
I'll be happy with anything above 40% on this (a pass) as it's not my strong point. I've spent quite a lot of evenings on this.
Am focusing more (not more time, just putting more hope into it) on the storyboard at the minute, as I got 64% in the backgrounds and as this is what I really enjoy I'm hoping for a higher mark. I'm aiming for a 50%+ in the flash lip sync, but again as long as it's a pass then I'm happy.

Got 63% in my essay, yay I bought a chupachup lolly to celebrate. I won't post it in here as I doubt anybody actually wants to read it. It was about representation though. Said it was well researched so thats good because thats something I always struggled with at school, probably due to laziness.

So yeah. Captain Paddy of the Starship enterblog; Out.

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