Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flash Lip Sync Design and Concept


Ok so at the top was actually my first idea. A rip off of Fallout 2/3. Harold the ghoul...tree. (he's a man with a tree growing out of him.)
Then after deciding that I didn't want to rip off my favourite game franchise, I went the more obvious route of books and pencils and stuff and then got bored with that pretty quickly. For then some bizzare reason I thought of zombies (probably still thinking about Fallout) but the idea amused me for a while before I thought it was a bit...stupid.
My final idea actually came from a dream and random doodling. If you see the picture with Fry (from futurama) waving his butt about, that's actually irrelevant. You'll see I've doodled a finger puppet. I looked back and it and thought that might be quite fun.

From that I then remembered a Robert Jones drawing of punch and judy but I can't find it on the internet. I have it in a book back home. The baghead idea came from a Gary Larson cartoon which ditto, not on the internet, have it in a book.

At the bottom (of the top lot of pictures) is just a rough flash drawing of the outline. Obviously at the minute I'm animating the lip sync and will just add the background in later on seperate layers.

The monsters or, spectators are just something I've dreamt up from dreams and nightmares. Which is why they're reduced to a background role since I have nothing to really base them on. I might decide to have one or two floating onimously in the background rather than go for the Matrix style en masse motionless crowd.

I think the idea is pretty good. I'm quite sure no one else has thought of it. I wanted to go for something a bit wierd. Everybody in animation seems to want it to be funny. And I don't see why it has to be.(And it's not that I can't be, okay I'm not the most hillarious person ever but I can make people laugh or at least giggle) Obviously it doesn't but the whole trivialisation of animation means people feel compelled to be 'cartoony'. That was my first idea, trying to make something a bit like creature comforts (I bypassed animals for that reason). All credit to everyone who wants to be and is trying and probably succeding to inject humour, but I'm trying not to.

I don't know if that means it will be less succesful then, because I think humour sticks in your mind longer. But so too does being afraid I guess. I know it's actually not scarey or anything but I'm trying to make it a little bit creepy and if it makes anyone shudder then I've sucseeded, but If I make someone laugh then I've failed. It actually makes me laugh but, thats either my particular sense of humour or I've failed before I've started.

I've already tested this out on my flatmates though, by drawing smiley faces on my fingers and sitting in the kitchen talking to myself in funny voices about writing a dissertation. It might have been the vocies though.

That's one thing I think would have made this project realllly fun was to get to do the voices ourselves, the same words and conversation but just differet voices. Or have the option too anyway.

I'm not sure I've done a great deal of evalutating...So here's some (more); I'll keep the colours pretty basic, so as not to distract from the main article too much. So I tihnk I'll just keep those colours I've got in that rough sketch, pink brown and grey/black. Anyone interested in colour composition you'll notice I've reflected the pink in the monsters eyes to add (I hope) a bit of balance. Although coupled with the flesh of the fingers there might be a bit too much pink. Actually thinking about that now I might change the skin colour of 'Alice' to green or something that clashes with brown. Well, everything clashes with brown I guess. I've kept the composition fairly simple, the row of monsters create a level horizon. I'm also not going to have much movement. I.e. no hand gesturs. Mainly because the main character (Matt - bagheadfinger) doesn't have any limbs.
It's in a couple of sketches but probably isn't clear, for Alice when she speaks (about 15 words) I'm just going to, detach her head rather than make a mouth for her. (I've just added this picture at the top now) Like the Canadians and 'Ike' in South Park. It's kind of wierd and it worked for them so I'm going to experiment with it. It's probably cheating. In fact it almost certainly is, but It's only for 5 seconds out of 40 so I think I shall.

Things to improve at the minute;
Just the drawing, it's a bit flat. Puppets motionless might be boring, but then again its only 40 seconds, and lots of last years projects had little or no movement. A couple had something going on in the background and I actually found it distracting so the jury's out on that at the minute. Because then again, what do I know?
I also took that crucifix off of Alice because it was getting in the way. It's also kind of pointless.
Is it too simple? I don't know, when I draw things (rather than views) I tend to go a bit naive in my style. Katherine was a fan of it during the animal heads project so I think I might stick with it here.

This is where the idea for design of Alice came from, Baby Button-Eyes from The Re-Deadening in The Simpsons. Punch and Judy and Hubert Cumberdale a finger puppet from Salad Fingers.
If you don't know him then go and watch at I aspire to be as wierd as David Firth. Burnt Face Man is also good. (note; if you type that web address in yourself DONT MISS THE - ! you will get a nasty surprise)

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