Friday, March 19, 2010

End of term.

Well I've just been thinking. Why everything I did this term was a load of fart.

I think what happened was, I tried to be like everyone else then make it different. Rather than just being me. Because I was thinking what I like and what I'm good at. Which is, painting, colour, expression and boldness (as in strong images not being brave). And then what I don't like and what I'm not good at, which is cartoon images, human figures, game concept rip offs.

And when I look at everything I've done, save for the storyboard and background. It's all what I'm not good at and don't really like. And I'm not sure why I've done that. It might be because I feel I have to. Or that I started looking at it and got absorbed by it and tried to copy things I wasn't really good at copying.
Whatever, the point is I wouldn't do it that way again. So next term I'm going to go back to my roots. And be...well, 'arty'. Because I think I've lost that and that's probably why I've found this term to be a lot more like hard work than fun. I know it's supposed to be hard work, but I mean It felt more like I was doing someone else's style rather than my own and it exhausted my thinking power to the point where all I could think of for that ruddy Ident was a stupid monster hitting a guitar around. And then doing it in Flash. Which I'm sick of now :p.

So I'm not going to do anymore cartoons. Or David Firth esq stuff. It'll just be me next term.

For things that did work. I think my lip sync worked. I mean the actual lip syncing. He actually talked. It was kind of cool. Except in the final showing the sound didn't work. But mine wasn't the only one so thats okay.
The backgrounds was the best for me. The more I look at the 3rd one (blue with trees) the more I hate it though. The way your eye moves on it is all messed up.
My storyboard was fun. The feedback on that was, put stage directions and more clarity as to whats actually going on. That was my fault though. But for both of those the most positive feedback was on the 'painterly style'. And I wish I'd done that for the Ident now. But I neglegted it, for whatever reason. Stupid stupid.
Also my essay got a good mark. I don't mind essays. They're easy if you put up with all the reading.

So yeah. Next term. No more of this Deja Vu generic Animation characters. Just painting. Or stuff similar to painting. That'll be the roots. Actually thinking about that....I might do a masters in painting....that might be quite fun. Anyway. I'm going to shut up for a month now.

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