Monday, November 15, 2010

Character Work

So I think this may be enough to be going with. No sense not getting on with it really in Toon Boom. The only problem is I've been set back a few days because I've snapped and broken my student card so I can't get in or get out of the studio. I managed to get in on Thursday but I couldn't get out again once everybody had left which was FUN and I'm still waiting for a replacement. So in the meanwhile I'm getting on with my experimental stuff which I tested last week and it works fine, but I forgot to save it and post it on here.

Anyway all this and some more is going in a PDF file or something (hopefully they have the relevant programs in the Library) and be handed in on Wednesday. I was hoping to have the Character puppets rigged for the 11second project by the end of this week so when my student card is fixed I shall have to pull my finger out to get back on scheduale. But as I said I can use this time to get ahead of scheduale with my experimental project.

I have drawn Caveman 2 (the one thatlooks more like a flintstone) in Toon Boom and he seems to move fairly fludily and easily but I am yet to rig him (Because the tutorial for rigging only came out 3 days ago during which time I've been locked in and out) or test it fully. Since it's only 11 seconds or so though I'm hoping to have it animated and lip synced in 4-5 days. This in theory will take me to the 25th of November and leave me 5 days to cross T's and dot I's.

I've had a bit of trouble deciding on Caveman 1's face (tall skinny one) whether or not to give him a to do the hair, how to do the mouth. I hope it works okay. I looked a bit at The Brackenwood Series, (Similar hair/head character called 'Bitey') and Where the Wild Things are. I've got for a cross between it's really long hair and fur. With Caveman 2 I've treated the Hair/Head more like a mask, something like Batman. It's slightly easier to see what's going on I think so I might use that on both characters. We'll see how it all pans out. Anyhow If you hear any yelling and banging out side the studio could you please let me in?

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