Friday, November 26, 2010

Hopefully Final.

They're both the same, one has black background one has grey. I think grey provides more contrast, clarity wise.

Derek was right, adding the legs definitely helps the characters and the movement as the figures feel planted because you can see they have feet and they're on the floor. I know the quality of the actual animation may not be fantastic but I think the point is it's my best to date and this is all I want from myself with each task, is to be better with each one. I think this one flows a lot more than previous tests and works better as the 2nd character reacts to the 1st character. There are a few things that are odd, and one or two timing issues.

It took me a while to get focused on this project this is partly because character animation is not my strong suit or chosen craft, and partly because at the start I got more into the planning of the experimental project. So that's one thing to learn from is maybe a few more days thumb-nailing pays off.

One thing that really helped me out and I can feel it paying dividends is life drawing as although some poses my look odd and exaggerated I feel like I have a much deeper knowledge of how the body sits on feet, shifts it's weight and how the joints work. I think I have some decent body twists in there in a few places or at least one's I'm happy with.

People have remarked it has a good 'feeling' to it. Which I guess is good because it IS only 11 seconds and it's hard to take it all in without watching it about 10 times to spot everything. As usual though whilst doing this project I've had a gazillion different and better ideas of characters and stories but such is life. Stupid clavemen.

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