Thursday, November 11, 2010


So this is a first, about 3 hours straight. The side view isn't working for me. It'll go much better tomorrow and faster because I'm getting better with the wacom tablet. I've got to sort his hair out a bit and some detail on his garment might work nicely. I am going for the South Park meets The Flintstones. You'll notice this Claveman looks a bit like Fred and Barney's love child if they'd done it with those cavemen from Wackey Racers in some kind of weird orgy that I'll bet you any money is on the internet somewhere.

Anyway. On the side view, a bit of neck, re-draw the body shape at the bottom should do it. I'm halfway through the 3/4 angle as well then soon it shall be on to some rigging! When the tutorial video for it is released tomorrow anyway.

It's kind of hard to get the detail on the hair right when it's all hair. I put a lot of lines in and it looked too complicated. Something to muck about with anyway. Hopefully once the two puppets are done it shouldn't take too long to actually animate.

Dope sheet to follow.

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