Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well on Derek's advice I added legs. And on Kathy's advice I have animated the secondary character (small claveman) more. Although it's hard to get a decent pause for his fall down, I might be able to get away with it how it is at the minute (his face still on floor whilst he's saying "I tho-") but it may need a tweak. I guess it is better and more dynamic although I'm finding it very fast and it is in danger of being hurried but I tihnk it's okay for now. I'm putting a bit more time into this than the experimental (I know other people are doing the opposite) but I am devoting Saturday, Sunday and Monday exclusivley to the experimental tohopefully finish it. Tomorrow is lip sync and finish the animation on the 11second and I have to finish it tomorrow so it shall be a long day probably. This gives me tuesday as the emergency day before the hand-in.

At the end what is happening is he's shout out of the cave when he says "He stole it" I shall upload the storyboard for this bit soon as it seems to make more sense that he shout out "He stole it" to the outside world because it's just the two clavemen in the clave so who is he shouting to? Although it could be the audience...which is what I had him doing before but the angle of drawing and the perspective was bloody difficult and it just didn't look right, in fact the more correctly I drew the perspective the more wrong it looked because his arm just disappeared.

Anyway, people seem to like the drawing style. I was thinking of drawing the backgrounds by hand and then scanning them in because I don't look how flat and bold the computer tools make it look, maybe that's just my lack of skill with it though either way I want it more subtle.

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