Saturday, November 27, 2010

Expiremental update.

Well I WAS going to update and upload my experimental project so far, and I had 26-27 seconds done and finished BUT for whatever reason, since leaving uni and getting home on the bus the video has disappeared from my memory stick leaving me with just 1 frame. I left uni with 300 odd and now I only have 1. Which means I have wasted 2 hours and £1.20 and a saturday morning. But oh well nevermind nothing I can do about it except re-do it. The problem is now that I've peeled off all my post-it notes they're all scrumpled and shit.

This really sucks I was happy with how it was looking too and I'd actually have something to show for it other than a few words but you'll have to wait until monday to catch a glimpse.

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