Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So these are all the club scene backgrounds. Where theres empty voids of space is where the characters are going usually. It has been exhausting. Beyond belief. There's 10 interiors here. Each one takes about 20-25 minutes for me to draw and colour by hand. Then another half an hour to fiddle about with and edit on photoshop. So that's roughly 50 minutes- 1 hour per background jpeg. So that's 10 hours.

These didn't take me 10 hours though. Only 5-6. I didn't want to, but I had to settle with a formula. There also isn't time to sort of put the love and care into each one as I'd like. Because it'd take all week to do them, and on this short a scheduale there's just not time.

My short cuts are to not colour in by hand the whole thing. (i'll post some originals later so you can see) Bassically on here, whereever there are big blocks of colour, in real life that's just been left blank. I've also got a set sort of preferences that I do in photoshop on everyone (adds a bit of continuity too) so for example I decrease the brightness by 10 or whatever.

To save more time I've also used the filters on photoshop. Which yes is cheating but it's just easier and quicker and it's really not worth the time and effort to spend 5 hours making amazing textures by hand on a background that's really going to be on-screen for 2-3 seconds.

I mean yeah if someone was paying me and I had 2-3 weeks to do these I would. But I'm not so I haven't.

I think they're alright though. I think I've made quite a funky club. It looks better with the people added on top.

And no it's not fun doing these. I hate bar stools. I hate beer lever things, I hate bottles and I hate those stupid round tables. This is all essential stuff to the film but it's really not interesting to draw. Which is why I've begged Charlie (the director) to leave the shot of the exterior of the hospital in, because that's the only real fun bit I get to draw. Because there is actually something TO draw.

Having said that I quite enjoyed doing the houses and the street. But my gosh do I never want to have to draw a bottle again.

I was thinking then what It must be like working on a really big film. I bet people come up to the animators and background artists etc and say wow it must have been the best fun working on that amazing production! And I bet they all say, NO! It was a F***ing Nightmare!

Because that's what people have been saying to me when looking at these, oh they look good fun and expressive you must have really enjoyed doing those. No...I just want to lie down....go to a happy place...go to a happy place....

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