Monday, May 17, 2010


An update on the what project.

We're on schedulale I think. Although jobs have chopped and changed quite a lot. Charlie and I have been the ones in the studio every day. What I don't get is what all the other groups are doing? If anything. We only see 2 or 3 other 1st years in the studio. I don't get it, are they all working at home? It doesn't matter it's just a curious wondering. Because I've been in the studio every day and comming back to the flat physically exhausted I shall be incredibly annoyed if everyone elses's films are better than ours. But as long as the bits I did are good then I guess that's something.

Although I'd rather have a fantastic film.

So I've had to take over sound duties because Ryan has taken on the bulk of the animation. Because, Charlie has spent a lot of time modelling the main character, Dave, and thus unable to model the other characters so I had to do that, which was the Bouncer, 4 Dancers and 2 gay men.

We're modelling it in Illustrator and then animating in Flash. Don't ask, Charlies idea. He's also made us use the pen tool. Which I hate. But hey he's the director so that was his call. I just got on with it.

The trick with it is just making sure it's all on layers so all the parts can move properly. It took me a few goes to get that right.

All of the environments/backgrounds are done. I've only got the exterior of the hospital to finish.

I haven't seen the animation that Ryan has done but apparently we're half way through it.

I just hope it's really good because I want this film to look great. I'm not a fan of how the characters look and if I'd had my way I would've done them differently, but that's all part of working together, so I left it up to the others and sort of took the backgrounds for myself. They won't be paid attention to as much but I enjoyed doing them.

Also I remember hearing stories of how Disney artists put things like penis's into their films because the artists get bored, and I see what they mean. Keep a look out for all the little things I've put in. Nobody has noticed any yet though and what's funny is that they're glaringly obvious to me.

I'll put up more of the finished backgrounds tomorrow. And some character stills that I did.
I'll see if anyone can guess who I've based the dancers on, it'll be a test of my characture skills.

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