Saturday, May 8, 2010

Project week 2.

We're on schedule. Horray!
It's kind of hard this group thing. Mainly because Charlie and I are the only ones consistantly turning up. The others have missed time due to illness and forgetting to buy presents for "the other half".
It is a bit difficult being a producer because I can't actually make anyone do anything...I can only heavily suggest it. But we've managed.I've got a background technique sorted where I do my usual expressive art orgasm (I don't have a girlfriend...guess?) and then scan it in and work on it in photoshop. Usually I 'knock it back' as my art teacher used to say. In other words I just tone it down a bit so it doesn't take focus away from the characters. I tidy it up a little bit, add some filters/effects and fiddle with the hue and saturation and all those things.
So here is before and after.
How we work with these is Charlie does a layout sketch from the storyboard and gives it to me, and I do my thing. Since he's the director he also suggests colour schemes etc. Before I colour it though, I just do a drawing in biro/pencil and take it back to Charlie to make sure it's on track then he says yeah or neah and then I colour it and add newspaper/cardboard for a bit of relief (as in 3d coming of the page not...ahhh thank god).
Here's another before and after. The sharp eyed among you will have noticed the fairly obvious what I've slipped in. And the hommadge to Fritz the Cat and Ralph Bakshi.
This below is just me playing about for the night scenes. It starts sunset, but since I haven't drawn and painted these backgrounds yet I was just seeing what photoshop had to offer in the nighttime department.I think it looks quite nighty.

As for Animal Firm, that's still going on. I do that on sundays though and work on this project monday-saturday. And then the drawing sketchbook project I do one everyday. For our brief these week we chose blind line drawing. So you can only look at what you're drawing and not the actual drawing.

However I also liked the Alphabet idea that a group had so what I'm going to do, is do that and the blind-line drawing. But I'm also going to theme it and rather predictibly I've chosen the NFL. So...A is for Adrian 'all-day' Peterson...B is for Broadway Joe (Namath) C is for Catch...D is for Dancing (Ray Lewis Raven Dance) E is for Emmitt Smith, F is for William "The Fridge" Perry (6ft2 389lbs = 27.5 stone...the man was litterally a square) ... You get the idea.
Anyway I chose NFL because some of the poses the photographers capture are pretty unique and good. And everything I did last week was drawn from life. So this week I'm doing it from photos so I've got a mix, and also I'm not sure I'll have the time to go out much this week. Goodbye sun.

So here's some of what I shall be blind-line drawing.

William "the Fridge" Perry....Largest.Bum.Ever.
Ray Lewis, Raven Dance. B is for "Broadway" Joe Namath -
S is for Walter "Sweetness" Payton

You get the idea. Some of the poses are pretty cool. I might find another picture of the Fridge. I think there's one of him pile driving some poor guy. But for now...just so you can see how LARGE he is. I think his arm is as wide as I am.
Hopefully though, blind line drawing it will create some interesting shapes and forms. We shall see.

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