Saturday, May 22, 2010

qucik drawings

There's there's 3 panels between this one and the next one that I haven't finished yet. This is just a bank heist scene with the 4 pigeons (Whilst Cezanne is alive, so it's in the past) when they used to rob banks. I'm just using that as the explanation for why King ended up going to prison and Luzon ended up racked with guilt and those two leaving ment no-one kept an eye on Repartee so he went more and more mad and Cezanne was forgotton about.

Cezanne = the Mastermind/Brains
King = the muscle.
Repartee = the safe/vault breaker/ explosives
Luzon = Weapons and Getaway Driver.

I'll have to scan this in, it didn't photograph well. This is actually with the lights and flash turned off.

Terminator Exoskelleton Rat. I'm going to do this again and actually look at a Rat's skelleton I think, the Terminator is obviously for humans.

Mech Rat.

A Police Mouse with gas canister. Not finished yet really. I might work on all these again in photoshop later.

The Canadian (A bear) obviously much much bigger than any other character. Also much older.

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